Die-cut information

IMG_1654_cropped I was thrilled when stamp companies started coming up with matching die sets for their stamps as I love being able to layer nicely shaded/colored stamped images over more intricate backgrounds. Did you used to hand cut (aka fussy cut) your stamped images like I did? It was pretty cumbersome, huh? Especially for stamps I used over and over again or when large quantities like invitations or Christmas cards were required … cutting the same image 20x is not fun! I have a Cricut Expression machine and was looking at it wondering why I didn’t get it to do all the hard work of cutting my stamped image instead?! Especially, when multiples of the same image needs to be cut, I just copy and paste however many outlines I require, lay it all out in my program and hit “CUT’! Instead of having to wind the Big Shot (or other die-cut machine) over and over again, it’s all done in one go. Plus, using my Cricut saves space in my tiny Vancouver condo as I don’t need to think about storing all these additional metal die sets.  I started by creating electronic die-cut outlines for the stamps I used frequently as, like with most things, you’re probably interested in die-cutting one or two stamps and not the entire set. Then there’s the issue of old stamp sets or certain brands that don’t have a matching metal die set. Not anymore! These electronic die-cut files (svg format) are now available for purchase here (click on brand on the right to start). If there are stamps that you’d like electronic die-cut files created for, leave me a comment or email and I’ll see if it can be accommodated.   Before purchasing:
  • You will need a plotter machine (ex. Cricut, Silouette, etc) not restricted to cartridges
  • A computer and relevant program that can communicate with your plotter machine and read open-source svg files.

There’s a free svg file you can download <need to set up link> and test on your system first before making any purchases and feel free to contact me at hello@tinkercraftstudio.com with any questions.

Full instructions and tips are included with purchases.