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IMG_4294_reduceI was gifted a 2015 iPad recently and thought it could use some protection when I travel, especially when I throw it in my  bike bag to commute around the city. Here’s some quick notes about my construction/thought process for those of you in the same boat.

For reference, “front” will refer to the side with the pocket and “back” will mean the side that has the flap closure.

Pattern was quickly drafted by tracing dimensions of my model’s iPad and adding 1/2″ seam allowance on all sides, except for the top of the front pieces (though I realize now I should have given it at least 1/4″ seam allowance for some more wiggle room to work with). I intended to use my case with the magnetic screen protector on, but you can adjust accordingly.
Be creative with your design of the flap and pocket! I really didn’t measure anything and propped my iPad against the paper pattern now & then to imagine what it would look like.

Here are all the final pieces you will need:

  • 2 back pieces: 1 main fabric, 1 lining
  • 2 front pieces: 1 main fabric, 1 lining
  • 2 pocket pieces: 1 main fabric, 1 lining

As you can surmise, anything in blue is my lining fabric and everything else is my outward facing/main fabric. I was scrap busting, but made the mistake of using a knit fabric for my lining – for best results stick with using woven fabrics only.

Step 1: Sew pocket pieces together along the top edge, right sides together. Press open, under stitch, and/or top stitch if desired.IMG_4192_reduce

Optional Step 1b: Iron-on interfacing to spot you’ll attach button to to re-enforce the pocket fabric.IMG_4267_reduce

Step 2: Stitch pocket to front piece along the 3 outer edges with less than 1/4″ seam allowanceIMG_4266_edit

Step 3: Sew front and back pieces of main fabric, right sides together with 1/4″ seam allowance along 3 edges.IMG_4269_edit

Optional Step 4a: I ended up adding batting to the lining of my back piece (in sloppy quilting fashion) to give my knit fabric more support and more cushioning to protect the iPad. Ended up being a great idea and I should’ve done it for the front lining piece as well. Oh well!

Step 4: Sew lining pieces together like in step 3, but with 3/8″ seam allowance.IMG_4273_edit



Step 5: Add interface to flap of lining piece where button loop will be attached (I didn’t need that interface on my main fabric as pictured). Do zig-zag stitch to secure button loop to flap.

With button-loop secured, stitch flap of lining and main fabric pieces right sides together with 1/4″ seam allowance.









Step 6: Flip main/shell piece right side out and tuck lining into shell. Hand-stitch lining and main fabric closed at opening and you’re done!

IMG_4283_reduce IMG_4284_reduce

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