My favorite (must-have) tools

Mainly for paper-crafting (though they’ve come in handy for other projects), these are my go-to tools. There’s definitely substitutes that can be made, but I’ve found these essential, basic tools are pretty necessary and versatile. Plus none of them were crazily priced either.


Following the picture above from left to right:

  • X-Acto Knife.
  • Previously, I owned dollar store X-Acto-like knives, but they were constantly coming lose or chipping. Finally, invested (really, just $5) in the brand name and am super happy with it’s quality. I have a size 11 blade on this one. The super sharp tip on this one is really handy. The very tip of the blade has since chipped and probably needs to be replaced, but the rest of the blade is still cutting strong after 3 years of frequent use.
  • Surgical scissors
  • Leftover from a lab that was shutting down, I decided to disinfect and take this pair home. One of the best tools I own as it cuts so cleanly and gets in small spaces.
  • Needle Quilling Tool
  • Originally bought this for quilling, but the sharp tip has been handy for picking up small details, making holes, curling die-cuts (like flowers), and unclogging small glue openings.
  • Bent Forceps
  • Another surgical tool, but this one from the flea market, is great for picking up and placing those tiny pieces (like beads for eyes!). Many craft brands sell their own versions and I’ve only played with another more bulky one who’s claim was it’s more ergonomic. That may be valid, but I find I only use it for a moment at a time. Note, mines have “teeth” for better gripping, but if you squeeze too tight, it sometimes leaves teeth marks on your work.
  • Pentel Aquash Brush
  • The most “expensive” item on the list coming in at under $10! The handle part of this brush is a barrel that can be filled with water (or other concoctions you come up with) and squeezes out through the brush. Currently, three different brush sizes available and brush is very durable. Great if you want to paint on the go.
  • Brush
  • Any old, cheap brush. I heat-emboss and use fine glitter on a lot of my cards, and the best tool to gather all those static-cy, that’s-not-where-you-belong, annoying pieces is to brush them off or back into their container.
  • Clear Ruler
  • Key word = clear. Great for seeing what you’re measuring off. This was a freebie from a lab product show (Sarstedt) and I love how super thin and flat it lays on your work. If you know anyone who works in a lab, it’s worth exchanging a drink for it!

Is there other must-have’s that’s on your list? Please share below!

2 thoughts on “My favorite (must-have) tools

  1. What is that blue bottle-like thing next to the brush? Another brush? Glue?
    I appreciate knowing the tools that work for people.
    One of my favourite tools (not craft related, exactly) is a good three-hole punch (mine is a gold coloured 330A Apsco). I also have a mechanical pencil at work that I’ve labelled with my initials, because when I have to use a different one I feel like I’ve lost half a hand.

    • Thanks for catching that Diana! Don’t know how I missed it, but I’ll fill in the description above in the original post (basically, a watercolor brush). Can alway count on your eyes for details!

      I know what you mean about not having the right tools. For me it’s particular scissors for particular materials. =)

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