My First Day-off

I’ve been spending nearly all my vacation days working on all things related to Tinker Craft Studio, including this website (much thanks to YellowTang¬†for helping a lay-person to build her own website). Still, I couldn’t keep up with the small orders I had to fill, sourcing materials and the website was not progressing as quickly as I liked.

I approached my bosses about the possibility of switching to 80% full time and setting a full day aside to really pursue my dream of handmade goods. Thankfully, they were super supportive and didn’t make me take my dream elsewhere!

I worked my last full week and yesterday was my “day-off” and here’s a couple of thoughts:

  • First thing: To change out of pjs or not? Since I’ll mostly be working from home, I had a mental debate about spending time to be presentable or not. I opted for the latter of course.
  • To answer emails or not. I quickly realized that since I wasn’t taking a full week off, but just a day off people were still emailing me. I couldn’t help but answer some of the more urgent emails, but it’s going to take a new kind of discipline to shut out my science research related work.
  • My craft space has not been cleaned/organized in months as I quickly move from one project to the next in the evenings. I was immediately distracted by cleaning-up which included making this sand¬†globe (what would you call this?) that has been taking up space on my desk for nearly 2 years. There went 2 hours, but I have a new decorative piece … and more importantly desk space!

    Sand Globe is what I’m calling this

  • nine-to-five it is not. It was nice to have uninterrupted time to work and create and I am so blessed to have this space to myself, but it’s also easy to keep working and working. Definitely some new habits and discipline I will have to learn to inhabit.

For those who work from home, do you have any advice or tips to share?

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