We all scream for ice cream!


Thought I’d share some tips for making the ice cream cone card that’s been pretty popular … more like some what-NOT-to-dos.

What you’ll need is spackle – a compound used to fill cracks in plaster and produce a smooth surface. In the crafting world Whipped Spackle (by Faber-Castell), modeling paste, or Marvy Uchida’s Snow Marker also does the same thing. BUT a huge bucket of spackle can be found in any hardware store for less than $15 or in your favorite handy(wo)man’s garage. A little goes a long way!

I had scooped out some spackle from my dad’s stash years ago, so it was a little dry (can tell by hardness and it flakes vs smooth cream-like texture). It’s a quick fix by adding water to the dried spackle, it starts softening up. I’ve seen other crafters color their spackle (or other craft brand) by mixing in powder pigments. Since I had to soften what I had with water anyways, I decided to mix in watercolor at the same time.


Note, since spackle is white, any color you mix will be a lighter/baby-color version. I was going for bolder colors, so I actually cut out a bit of my Peerless watercolor sheet and mixed it right in with the spackle (red arrow). It looked fantastic at first, but as it dried, the colors started to blend with each other and the shape of the ice-cream seemed to deflate.


I had a Eureka moment … since I was mixing in water and watercolor, wouldn’t it be easier to just paint the spackle post application? Duh! It was tons easier, a lot less messy, and I could shade the ice-cream scoop as I would normally do when watercoloring.


So the steps are:

  • Add water (if spackle has dried) to get spackle to thick whipped cream consistency
  • Use toothpick to shape spackle into ice cream scoops directly on project.
  • Allow to dry for a few hours.
  • Use watercolor to paint spackle as desired.

You can also use spackle for other 3D effects like whipped cream on a fancy drink.


Have fun!



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